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We are helping you be competitive in a competitive sector. Derma Direct provide aesthetic consumables and medical devices at a refreshing price. We aim to be more than a wholesaler but an integral partner to practitioners and aesthetic clinics in Ireland.

Please note: We only sell to medical professionals and all prices on the shop are EX VAT. You will need to register to view prices, each account is manually reviewed for approval. 

Discover our special membership pricing, another way we support you when you help us. Gain tier discounts through training and loyalty, exclusive early-bird deals, and invites to emerging product and training events. 

Derma Direct Discount WholesaleDerma Direct Discount Wholesale

Peace of mind

All our products are 100% genuine and CE certified, conforming to the European Union standards. We source from the EU and UK, taking the stress out of Brexit. We guarantee the freshness of the product and performance as expected by your favourite brand. 

Not only do we sell aesthetic products at very competitive prices, but we also, through strategic partnerships, facilitate the training to keep your skills ahead of the competition. 

We achieve our market-leading pricing by keeping our operational expenses lean, forming partnerships with key sector stakeholders while passing the savings onto you. We also support many of the brands we carry with marketing material. From shop talkers to product information, posters and consultation forms. 

Wholesale Aqualyx DesoFace DublinWholesale Aqualyx DesoFace Dublin

Jalupro Super Hydro

Discover Jalupro Super Hydro, a skin booster taking the UK by storm and introduced to the Irish market by Derma Direct. Extracellular Matrix bio-revitalisation with Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid. Fat pad maintenance and collagen stimulation improve the facial structure for a thrilled patient.

Skin Boosters are the complementing treatment you should be using in the majority of treatments. Perfect for complementing PDO Threads or in your skin rejuvenation treatment plan. 

Training can also be provided for the entire Jalurpro range. What are you waiting for? Your patients and practice will thank you for incorporating skin boosters into your treatment toolkit. 

Jalupro Super Hydro Dublin WholesaleJalupro Super Hydro Dublin Wholesale
Restylane® Classic with Lidocaine 1 X 1ml
Teosyal RHA 4 with Lidocaine
Teosyal Deep Lines with Lidocaine
Juvéderm® ULTRA 3 with Lidocaine 2 X 1ml
MINT Thread FIX 15cm 18G 20 X Threads 5 Pouch Box
MINT Thread Fix-Mini 6cm 19G 20 X Threads 5 Pouch Box
MINT Thread Easy 43cm 19G 2 X Threads 1 Box
Teosyal Global Action with Lidocaine
Teosyal Puresense Redensity One with Lidocaine 1 X 3ml
Teosyal Puresense Redensity One with Lidocaine 2 X 1ml
Sculptra 2 X 5ml Vials

MINT PDO Threads

The best aesthetic outcome is what you want for your patients. Not all PDO threads are created equal, and MINT PDO Threads are considered one of the highest quality threads available in the market. Their conformity of manufacturer with a patented press mould design provides uniformity in the thread that produces less trauma to the skin providing a quicker healing time for the patient. 

MINT Threads come in a variety of configurations to suit specific indications. MINT Thread Lift is the treatment patients search for, with PDO gaining popularity month on month. Offering a 'lift' without volume restores the patients more youthful appearance more naturally than dermal fillers. 

The PDO thread undergoes biodegradation once it's inserted into the skin. It fully dissolves into water and carbon dioxide via hydrolysis over a period of 4 to 6 months, not leaving behind any foreign materials in the body.

Immediate and lasting results are obtained with PDO threads, studies have also shown that PDO elicits positive changes to the surrounding tissues that result in Neocollagenesis, a fibrous merging effect, fat reduction, tissue contracture, and an improved vascular environment.

The PDO threads used in aesthetic medicine today have been around for 10-15 years, but PDO sutures have actually been used in orthopaedic and cardiovascular surgery for over 30 years. While the application is newer, the concept behind PDO threads has been around for a long time.

As with all our products, we can also facilitate the training required to introduce MINT Threads to your practice. MINT has a unique six-stage training programme to produce MINT Lift experts. 

MINT PDO Thread Wholesale DublinMINT PDO Thread Wholesale Dublin

Silhouette Soft

Many practitioners consider Silhouette Soft to be the benchmark of PDO Threads, and when you see the results they deliver, it is hard to argue against that. The Silhouette Soft™ sutures are completely absorbed within 12-18 months. Results may last longer due to collagen production after the treatment. Regenerative skin health and procedures that provide a natural-looking aesthetic outcome is the direction of aesthetic medicine and is also driven by the trend of patients wanting a more natural-looking result. While there will always be patients who want the 'done look', patients generally want to look younger without the added volume caused by dermal filler augmentation as the primary method for correcting lost volume in the face. Combining Silhouette Soft with Skinboosters and Dermal Filler, a complex aesthetic outcome can be achieved with minimal adding of volume. 

Silhouette Soft Dublin WholesaleSilhouette Soft Dublin Wholesale

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