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Helping your business be more competitive

Finding aesthetic products in Ireland at a competitive price compared to our UK and EU neighbours can be more complicated than finding a needle in a haystack. We have directly experienced the issues of running an aesthetic practice in Ireland, not only the cost of the product but also having access to products new in the sector. 

Our main aim is to provide products at a reasonable competitive price to those available in much larger markets and access new products. We have achieved this goal with selective strategic partnerships with suppliers that meet our price point requirements to allow value for money to our practitioners and aesthetic clinics. 

It is also a two way street for our purchasers; the more you support us, the more value we can give you. 

We have a tier-based system calculated by purchasing volume and other factors we consider to provide a discount system that will allow you to buy products cheaper than any other verified Irish wholesale channel. 


We have recognised training to keep your skills up to date through our strategic partnership with A.T.A.I. Ireland's most prominent and leading aesthetic medicine college. Training with A.T.A.I. puts your career on a growth path; a prefered supplier of practitioners to the Therapie Clinic network and other leading aesthetic clinics means finding work is easy when they are looking for you. We reward all practitioners trained with A.T.A.I. with an exclusive discount tier to help you get ahead. No matter where you are looking to take your career A.T.A.I can help you get there. 

Membership FAQ

No, being a member of Derma Direct is completely free. However, there are criteria to gain and maintain tier discount levels of membership.

When you register on the website you automatically become a member.

Yes, some product do require a minimum order quantity. As an example dermal fillers are purchased in groups of three. Many products are also available as a single sale, as we purchase in bulk to gain discounts from our suppliers it is helpful to maintain this with support from our members. If you only require one product the price will not reflect the discounted price.

Tier discounts are calculated by purchase volume and other key indicators like attending training events. You will automatically gain a higher discount as your account gains purchase volume.

To stay on a high discount tier yes, you will need to regularly purchase through us. If you support us we support you. Loyalty is rewarded with higher discounts and other membership benefits like training events, product early bird access and other incentives we deem valuable to your practice.

Not all products follow the tier discount, this is due to some products not being available to us with a high discount for purchase volume. Typically these are more generic products such as PPE. In general, all products you find on Derma Direct will be extremely competitively priced.

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